To help meet initial administration costs, a registration fee of £25 is payable by non funded children. This is payable before your child’s start date and on your child’s first day we will provide a complimentary Step by Step T-shirt and plastic school bag.


From January 2016, the fees are £15.00 per three hour session for children who are aged two years upwards. Fees are payable half-termly at the beginning of each half term. Fees must still be paid if your child is sick, on holiday or absent without notice for a short period of time. If your child has to be absent over a long period of time, please talk to the Senior Supervisor or our Committee Chair.

For your child to keep her/his place at our pre-school, you must pay the fees. If you have any difficulties with payment, please let us know and we will do our best to help. It is our intention to be sympathetic to the needs of your children when families encounter financial difficulties whilst competently collecting outstanding amounts as they fall due.  In the event of a personal crisis, we will do our best to resolve the situation for both parties. It may be that we could consider the option of instalments or alternative funding, if the circumstance allows.

All three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours per week of free nursery education for 38 weeks of the year from the term following their third birthday. We are also in receipt of funding for eligible 2 years olds.

The Pre-school Administrator will issue a Parent/Carer Agreement Form for 3-4 year old Free Early Education Entitlement to eligible parents/carers. This form must be completed every term for your child. Where funding is not received, then fees apply. Any additional hours will be charged at the rates detailed above. If your child attends another provider the 15 hours per week can be claimed at either setting or a pro-rata split can be calculated.

The Pre-school asks that parents/carers of funded children consider a voluntary contribution of £2.79 per three hour session which goes towards our costs for snacks, pre-school resources and equipment and the day to day running of the setting.