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Our Risers Session

At Step by Step we are aware that a child’s next transition will be to ‘big school’ which can be daunting for them and their families. We choose to have a separate Risers session to focus on making the children’s transition to infant school as smooth as we can for them. We know a session like this is important to our parents and carers too, who wish for their child to be more ‘school ready’ i.e. managing to eat their lunch and change for PE in a timely way, and to be able to follow a more structured curriculum. We teach the children that when they are looking and listening when required to do so, they are learning and know what will be happening next.   In addition to this, we know from local teachers that they are happy also if a child can change for PE with a good degree of independence, use scissors and put on their own coats correctly!  Our aim is to fulfil all of the above, and more!

Our Risers Timetable

Our Risers session takes place on a Wednesday afternoon. The session starts at 12.30pm, although children who stay all day take part in a Risers Activity Club at 12.00pm. A typical session would be as follows:

– Session begins at 12.30pm with group registration followed by packed lunch in the main hall.

– After lunch the children will have resources to self select for free play which are often different from those in regular sessions as they may be more challenging and stimulating for this slightly older age group.  A range of different adult led activities take place each week and one of these is changing for PE followed by a sporting or music and dance activity. The children are asked to bring a small PE kit with them for which to practice changing their clothes independently.

– At the end of the session the children choose a library book to take home with them and there are Risers homework sheets, based on Letter and Number activities, to be taken home by those children who enjoy completing learning activities at home. These are not compulsory to complete.

On the last Wednesday of each half term, we invite our parents and carers to come into the session from 2.30pm onwards whereby the children will serve them a snack and a drink and show them the work they have completed in their Risers folders. They are usually very proud and love having their families and carers come in to see them!

Transition to School

A main focus of these sessions is to support the children’s transition to school and our Risers team have a good relationship with representatives and teachers from local schools and have opportunities to meet with them at appropriate times throughout the year.  The children will be invited to be taken along to their respective schools with their parents and families and the teachers will make arrangements with us to come and visit the children at pre-school.

During the Summer Term a group leaver’s photo is taken for parents and carers to purchase and at the end of this term each child is presented with their Risers leavers folders at a Leaver’s Ceremony which family and friends are invited to.